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The vibrant Omiebox not only looks stylish, but is the first of its kind to store food at 2 separate temperatures with an included hot/cold insulated food jar that can be used or removed to fit in a sandwich size lunch. Food in the other sections of the Omiebox wont be affected by the insulated food jar which allows you to keep your lunch and snacks both warm and cool in the same bento box!

Finally - you can send your little one’s favorite meals to school and be confident that it’ll look and taste great. Whether it’s mac & cheese or chicken noodle soup, we promise to protect all the love and hard work you put into every meal. Your little ones will eat better and healthier, and you’ll be happy knowing you’re providing them with the best nutrition to fuel their day.

The thermos stores 250mL of food, made of two walls of stainless steel with a sealed lid so the heat can’t escape. It can keep food warm for up to 6 hours! 

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Hand wash only. Not dishwasher safe, the heat drying cycle may effect and warp this product. Not microwave safe. Use warm, soapy water to wash. Do not use abrasive cleaners or scrubbers. Do not use bleach. or cleaners containing chlorine.

While You're Packing:
-Wet foods (soup, yogurt) go in the Thermos!
-First fill it with hot (or cold) water and let stand with lid off for 5 minutes. Then empty. Be careful with hot water!
-Twist the securing insert around the Thermos in a clockwise direction. Skip this step if you’re not planning to put the Thermos inside OmieBox®
-To seal, hold the Thermos with one hand & the lid with your other hand. Twist the lid into the Thermos in a clockwise direction.
-The side compartments are great for dry foods (crackers, carrot
sticks) but you can pack moist items here too. Just make sure there’s < 1 tsp of liquid in each compartment.
-To close OmieBox®, fold down the lid and latch it. Use the palms of your hands to push down on the box lid once it’s closed. This will activate the lid seal.
-The divider is great for keeping peas away from carrots but its sub-sections are not leakproof.
-Don’t put your OmieBox® in the microwave or freezer!

After You're Done:
-Always hand wash with non-abrasive sponge.
Be sure to remove the lid seal and gasket for cleaning everyday. They get icky if you miss this step. Make sure you let it dry completely before
-Make sure you re-assemble the o-ring gasket before you use the thermos lid.

Always hand wash with non-abrasive sponge. Be sure to remove the lid seal and gasket for cleaning everyday. They get icky if you miss this step. Make sure you let it dry completely before
When not using, store OmieBox® without lid seal.
Lose something? Don’t worry - we have lots of spare parts for sale on our website.

Dimensions: Size - approx 9.65cm x 21.6cm x 19.05 cm. Box volume approx. 1390ml; thermos volume 251ml capacity. Weight: 770g.

Materials - OmieBox is made of ABS and PP plastic, food grade silicon, and 18/8 304 grade stainless steel. All materials are 100% BPA/PVC-free and meets all FDA and CPSIA safety requirements.

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$32.95 Australia wide for bulkier items including but not limited to 2 or more Jewellery Boxes, 3 or more Towels and 2 or more Day Care sheets.

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